IGS Working Groups


The IGS technical Working Groups work on topics of particular interest to the IGS, such as improving the IGS products and infrastructure. Within the Working Groups, a Pilot Project structure has been defined whereby new capabilities or products are envisioned, developed, tested, and prepared for production. Policy for the Establishment of IGS Working Groups, Pilot Projects, and New Operational Products.

Antenna Arturo Villiger, Chair Est. 2008
Bias and Calibration Stefan Schaer, Chair Est. 2008
Clock Products Michael Coleman, Chair Est. 2003
Data Center Carey Noll, Chair Est. 2002
GNSS Monitoring (IGMA) Tim Springer, Chair Est. 2017
Ionosphere Andrzej Krankowski, Chair Est. 1998
Multi-GNSS Oliver Montenbruck, Chair Est. 2003
Precise Point Positioning with Ambiguity Resolution Simon Banville, Chair Est. 2018
Real-time André Hauschild, Chair Est. 2001
Reference Frame Paul Rebischung, Chair Est. 1999
RINEX TBD, Chair Est. 2011
Space Vehicle Orbit Dynamics Tim Springer, Chair Est. 2011
Tide Gauge (TIGA) Tilo Schöne, Chair Est. 2001
Troposphere Sharyl Byram, Chair Est. 1998