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IGS Analysis Center Coordinator (ACC)

Run by GA & MIT

This site gives information about the products of the International GNSS Service (IGS),especially their quality and is intended as a point of reference for analysis centres contributing products to the IGS. The IGS Analysis Center Coordinator (ACC) has overall responsibility for generating the main official IGS combined products. Currently, there are three IGS product lines for GNSS satellite orbits and clocks, namely the IGS Final, the IGS Rapid, and the IGS Ultra-rapid products. The tables and figures for the Final products are updated weekly. Other pages are updated shortly after the corresponding combinations. The figures show the results of the past 60 weeks except for the “Final (ALL)” plots which show the results of the IGS orbit combinations since their beginning in late 1993.

Recent Changes, Announcements, Notices, & Reports

UPDATED (August 6th) Reference Frame

    • Stations categorized by priority for Reference Frame Determination for repro3, provided by Paul Rebischung

      • Stations by


      • Antenna Information for each


      • Receiver information for each


    • Updated Box wing model for Earth-albedo-effects now available

(see repro3 website)

    , provided by Thomas Herring

Satellite Transmit power:Technical note on updated transmit power values for repro3

    , provided by Peter Steigenberger


    • Proposal for GNSS attitude quaternion exchange within



Miscellaneous advice and information for ACs